How to Make My Cat Loves Showers

  When you’re bathing your cat, you might feel a little awkward about the situation, and you may want to know how to make my kitty love the shower. Putting down a towel in the tub or sink gives the cat a sense of security. Another way to get your cat to enjoy the shower … Read more

The Benefits of Cats Cleaning

  The spine of a cat is like a half pipe, acting like a coffee straw. Fluids flow up into the cavity surface and penetrate the cat’s hair. This process dispenses cleaning saliva throughout the cat’s body. While cats spend about 14 hours per day sleeping, they spend about one-quarter of their day cleaning. The … Read more

Cute Costumes For Cats

  Halloween is almost here and your cat might be itching to dress up as a scary clown or a sea creature. You can find many cute costumes for cats to choose from. There’s a scary clown cat costume by Thrills & Chills(tm) and a kitan club bunny ear. Or why not dress your cat … Read more

Tips to Follow When You Adopt a New Pet

  There are several important steps to adopt a new pet. These include preparing yourself for the experience, choosing a veterinarian, establishing a schedule, and avoiding too many changes in your pet’s routine. You should also assign responsibilities to family members. Children should be involved in the pet-care process, so make sure to assign specific … Read more

How to Make Your Pet Feel Safe

  Identifying your pet’s triggers can help you create a safe place for your animal. Your pet needs a place to go that is not only private but also free of distractions. It will help them feel secure in stressful situations and teach your children that animals are not to be disturbed. A crate, bed … Read more