Modern and Cool Doberman Dog Names

     When you have a Doberman, you can call him many names. You could choose a tough, yet cool name like Gunnar. Or, you could go with a name like Hercules or Genghis Khan. These names have meanings that will be fitting for tough, but kind-hearted dogs. Other popular names for Dobermans are Knox, … Read more

Why Do Dogs Howl?

      Dogs howl as a way of communicating. It’s not always clear exactly what they’re saying, and understanding how they feel is difficult without reading their minds. However, howling can often be a way of getting attention or alerting people to their presence. Dogs may believe that their howls are being heard from … Read more

Dog Names For Your Dalmatian

     When choosing a name for your Dalmatian, don’t be afraid to go with something unusual. If your dog is black, he or she can be named after the moon, which is the light of the night against a black sky. Other black and white animals can be named this way, such as pandas … Read more

Husky Dog Names

         If you’re looking for names for your husky, you may want to try Frost or Icy, which are winter-themed names. This name would suit a white or silvery-gray husky. Icy is also an elegant name for a husky, and is a good choice for elegant dogs. Frost comes from the Greek … Read more

Bringing New Dogs Home

         There are many different things to keep in mind when bringing a dog into your home. The first few days are about bonding and making sure that you get along with your new friend. Make sure that you introduce your new pet to the yard and home, and play with it … Read more