Popular Dog Names Inspired by Fictional Characters

Names for dogs inspired by fictional characters are on the rise. Bear, for example, is a popular choice for shy dogs. The name is also common for large, brown dogs like Labrador Retrievers, such as the one Milo Ventimiglia has. Another popular name is Winston, which has a strong personality and gorilla strength. Another good … Read more

Choosing Puppy Accessories

       Puppy accessories can make your pet look adorable. There are several styles to choose from. For instance, you can get a silk-screened saying or a cute little puzzle toy. You can also buy cute puppy pawz, which are made of lightweight natural rubber. Another cute option for your puppy is a bandana … Read more

Dalmatian Dog Names

    The names of Dalmatians are often derived from the Greek god Apollo, who is associated with music and medicine. The name is also associated with the United States’ Apollo program, which landed the first two humans on the moon. Boris, for example, is a Turkish name that means “snow leopard.” Buster means “breaker,” … Read more

How to Stop a Puppy From Biting

    The first step in training a puppy to stop biting is to make it understand that their teeth should not be on your skin. This will require that you use a gentle approach. It is also important to remain consistent with the lessons taught. For example, you should never punish your puppy physically. … Read more

Disney Girl Dog Names

        If you’re a fan of Disney films, you’re probably already familiar with some of their most beloved characters, such as Belle from The Little Mermaid, Ellie from Lady and the Tramp, and Kida from Atlantis. These Disney princesses are both charming and kind, making them an ideal dog name choice. However, … Read more