Dalmatian Dog Names

    The names of Dalmatians are often derived from the Greek god Apollo, who is associated with music and medicine. The name is also associated with the United States’ Apollo program, which landed the first two humans on the moon. Boris, for example, is a Turkish name that means “snow leopard.” Buster means “breaker,” while Cruella de Vil comes from the movie 101 Dalmatians.

Moose George Washington’s Dalmatian was named Madame Moose Cleo

George Washington loved dogs, and had several dogs at Mount Vernon. He also had donkeys, mules, and horses. Washington was especially fond of hounds and developed the American Foxhound breed. His dalmatian, named Madame Moose, was among his many dogs. Thomas Jefferson also had a Dalmatian named Madame Moose.

George Washington was one of the original boosters of the Dalmatian breed, and even dabbled in his own breeding. He loved his big Dalmatian carriage dog, Madame Moose, and he took her everywhere with him. Like other Dalmatians, Madame Moose was spotted, and even had piebald spotting inside her mouth. If you’re brave enough, you can also see spots on the roof of her mouth.

In the United States, there are two dogs named FAN and FROLIC. Both were named after the breeders who had owned them. FAN was owned by R. Proctor, a Proctor from Vermont, while FROLIC was owned by H. Lippincott, a Philadelphia, Pa. breeder.

The first Dalmatian named Madame Moose Cleo was a prized prize winner, owned by George Washington. She was bred in the United States and trained by J. Ewing in Boston. She was later sold to an English lady.

Another famous Dalmatian was named Roy K. in 1896. She was named after George Washington’s beloved horse. She was known as the Queen of the Dalmatians. Her descendants are still working as actors in movies and TV shows. There are several dogs that have been attributed with historical roles.

Two dogs on the porch

In addition to Madame Moose Cleo, other famous Dalmatians include Zota. A. M. Tupper had bred her Dalmatian in Stockton. Other owners included C. H. Lacey and C. F. Allen.

Other famous Dalmatians included Madame Moose Cleo, who served as George Washington’s Dalmatian. She was a favorite of the president and other dignitaries. She won numerous championships, and her heirs were very proud of her. She is even listed in the history of Dalmatians.

Several other famous Dalmatian owners had their dogs at Mount Vernon. One of them was the first President, who named his beloved dog Madame Moose Cleo. The dog walked the President’s inauguration. It was a great honor for the President to have such a dog at Mount Vernon.

Madame Moose Cleo, a Dalmatian from the Woodbury Kennels, was George Washington’s Dalmatian. She was named after a woman who owned her. She was also named after the first woman to wear a hat.

Madame Moose Cleo was one of the most famous Dalmatian owners in history. She is also known as Tootsie. She was a favorite of George Washington and other dignitaries. Among her famous owners are Oliver Ames and Hilma, F.H. Hoyt.