How to Make Your Pet Calm Down


Here are some tips on How to make Your pet calm down. These include providing familiar objects and music. You can also use scents, music playlists, and Adaptil diffusers. All of these things are proven to help your pet deal with separation anxiety. In addition, physical activity is beneficial. However, if these methods are not effective, you can always try a natural stress remedy. Playing a familiar sound like fireworks or playing music can help your pet relax.

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If you want to teach your pet how to calm down, one of the best exercises for this purpose is the “sit on the dog” exercise. This exercise is an excellent way to help your dog learn to remain calm and behave when left alone. You can also use this technique anywhere, including while walking your dog. It works much better than other methods, but the results will depend on the dog. Listed below are some of the best exercises for your dog.

Exercise is good for your dog’s physical and mental health. Regular exercise helps them stay in good physical condition, and it improves socialization with other dogs. It also helps them burn energy, and after exercising, dogs release endorphins that help them feel happy. This makes dogs less likely to become bored or engage in other self-destructive behaviors. Regular exercise can also help your pet calm down. In addition, it is great for the bonding process between you and your pet.

Another great exercise for your pet is playing with a frisbee. This will relieve stress and calm anxious dogs. Make sure to practice this exercise during a time when your pet is tired and is relaxed. After practicing the exercise, lure your pet back into position. You can use treats to reward your dog for being calm and relaxed. Your pet will be more likely to accept later breaks if they know they can be left to themselves.

Natural stress remedies

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A variety of supplements and natural remedies can help your pet relax, even if your dog has a history of anxiety. These products may be sufficient in mild, moderate, or severe situational anxiety, but are best used in combination with behavioral training and behavior modification. Among them are pheromones, which trigger an emotional response in animals and are produced by the body. Homeopathic remedies, which mimic the effects of specific calming chemicals, can also help your dog feel calmer and less anxious.

Chamomile is a flower that is the same used to make tea for humans. Chamomile has several benefits for dogs, including sedative and anti-inflammatory properties. Often included in a dog’s anxiety supplement, chamomile also calms muscle spasms and eases pain. Unfortunately, not many animals have been studied on chamomile’s benefits, so we can’t rely on anecdotal reports about its effects.

Playing sounds of fireworks

When you’re planning a family gathering that includes fireworks, you may be wondering how to keep your pet calm. One option is to play calming music or play a TV show. But the noise from fireworks can cause anxiety in some pets, and playing music that is unfamiliar to them may not be the best idea. Your pet will also pick up on your odd behavior, so try to remain calm, happy, and cheerful.

For dogs, this method can be extremely helpful. By increasing the volume of the sound, you can simulate the sounds and lights of fireworks for your dog. Make sure to cover your dog’s crate and close curtains to reduce its fear. Your pup will likely calm down once the sound is over. Also, consider doing some playtime after the fireworks start. If you’re not able to close the curtains, give your pet a short walk outside to tire out.

In some areas, fireworks are inescapable, so your pet will be scared to come out of hiding if it hears a loud boom. While a small dog may not be able to run away, a larger dog may not be afraid of the noise. Playing sounds of fireworks to calm your pet can help reinforce the fun they associate with fireworks. If your pet is highly stressed, you may need to get him prescription medication to help with the training.


Scents are an excellent way to reassure your dog. Aromatherapy for dogs uses different scents to soothe your pet. Some are effective at calming your dog, while others are more powerful. Here are some of the best scents for your pet. Try lavender and melissa to help your pet relax. Among them, neroli and lavender are great for dogs suffering from separation anxiety. Try a diffuser for even more soothing effects.

Aromatherapy for pets has many benefits. Many essential oils are highly concentrated and have proven calming properties. Try using products with these blends if you have a hyperactive dog. Adding a little coconut oil or vanilla to a towel is also a great way to help your pet relax. Both coconut and vanilla are effective for calming and promoting relaxation. The best part? They also have similar health benefits.

Scent enrichment works with other stress relief methods. Besides the diffuser, you can also use other scents like lemongrass, rosemary, and dandelion. Make sure to check with your veterinarian before using any scents on your pet. It is best to use safe, non-toxic scents and do not mix them with your pet’s food or bedding. You should also consult a veterinarian before using any type of essential oils for pets.


Thundershirts are designed to provide your pet with a gentle pressure on their torso, similar to swaddling an infant. A ThunderShirt gives your pet the sense of safety and security that he needs in stressful situations. Thundershirts are especially helpful for vet visits, as they can help pets feel calm in an intimidating environment. In fact, veterinarians report that ThunderShirts have helped their patients relax and feel at ease. The result is that they are able to provide better care.

Dogs have natural reactions to anxiety, and a ThunderShirt provides them with a similar feeling of security and comfort. The ThunderShirt is a great alternative to anti-anxiety medication. The shirt can be placed on your pet’s head or chest for added security. If you are going on a trip with your pet, make sure to introduce ThunderShirts gradually. Never use Thundershirts during a storm, as your pet might be more receptive to the device if you introduce it slowly.

One way to get your pet to relax is to place a ThunderShirt on their bed or crate before leaving them there. This will allow them to associate the sound of thundershirts with their own familiar scent. Your pet may also recognize a ThunderShirt as their favorite place to hide. Once your pet has established a familiar place, you can introduce ThunderShirt to their new surroundings. Then, when you are ready to take them home, the sound will help calm them down.

Music playlists

Whether your pet is a cat or a dog, you can create music playlists for your pet using an app like Spotify. Low-pitched noises are perceived as threats by dogs and cats, so playing music that is soothing to them will help them feel better. Spotify offers many pet playlists, but there are some popular genres that may not work for your pet. You may want to experiment and see what works best for your pet.

For example, one of the most effective playlists for your pet can be made of piano or cello pieces. Your pet will likely respond to a song about not being able to get where you want to be. This type of music is also soothing for dogs, but you should try a few different kinds before making a decision. If your dog is particularly sensitive, try soothing music for dogs from a composer who specializes in animals.

Another popular music playlist for pets is for dogs. You can try listening to songs by artists such as Bob Marley, UB40 and Ed Sheeran. These tracks may help to distract your pet from the noise or remind it of a relaxing riverbank. For more ideas, check out this playlist from ROXi. The company has teamed up with pet behaviourist Peter Neville to create the playlists. If you want to try out a playlist yourself, you can create it yourself by downloading the app and listening to the music.
Adaptil diffusers


The Adaptil Starter Kit provides constant calming for your dog. This product mimics your dog’s calming pheromones to help reduce destructive behavior associated with stress. Adaptil diffusers have been shown to reduce destructive behavior in a variety of pets and are available at most pet stores. For dogs, the Adaptil Starter Kit can be used as a standalone product or combined with another diffuser to create an even stronger effect.

ADAPTIL diffusers are safe and effective for use in pets, with the average unit lasting up to six months. Pet owners should remember to check the refill vials every four weeks to ensure that they are still providing consistent comfort. It is also recommended that the diffusers be kept plugged in for at least 24 hours prior to any stressful event. Once installed, the diffuser will work effectively to reduce anxiety and fear in your pet.

Adaptil is safe for puppies. The dog Adaptil Diffuser has no known adverse effects, but use it carefully to avoid residue buildup on furniture and surfaces. In addition, use it in conjunction with a qualified behaviourist to address the root cause of your pet’s anxiety. However, it is important to note that ADAPTIL does not work for all dogs. If you have a dog who is constantly aggressive or has a history of aggression, it is best to consult your veterinarian before using ADAPTIL.