Popular Dog Names Inspired by Fictional Characters

Names for dogs inspired by fictional characters are on the rise. Bear, for example, is a popular choice for shy dogs. The name is also common for large, brown dogs like Labrador Retrievers, such as the one Milo Ventimiglia has. Another popular name is Winston, which has a strong personality and gorilla strength. Another good choice is Toby, which is an all-around good guy. It may remind you of the mild-mannered human resources officer on The Office or the country singer Toby Keith.

dachshund puppies playing together

Another popular name for a boy dog is Scout. It comes from the fictional character in To Kill a Mockingbird. Another cool dog name for a boy is Bo. This name was popularized when former President Barack Obama was in office. Some people prefer the name Oscar for their dog. Other names for male dogs include Charlie and Anderson. Charlie is a hipster name for a hip dog, while Anderson is an old-school cool one.

A popular TV show, Love Island, has also inspired dog names. Many fans have named their dogs after characters from the show. Popular names include Teddy, Chloe, Nas, and Callum. The name Hank is also suitable for bloodhounds. Another popular fictional character is Loki, the adopted brother of the mythological god Thor.