The Terms For Dogs in the Urban Dictionary

                 There are a number of terms for dogs in the urban dictionary. For example, “weak dog” is often used to refer to a dog with an unfavorable disposition. It can also mean “gay.” A weak dog tries everything and has accepted its place at the bottom of the food chain. It is a “doggatory” creature who commits low acts against its mate.

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The term “weak dog” has many different definitions in the canine world. It may refer to an unfavourable disposition, failure, or gaycuntness. These dogs are known to do everything they can to please their owners, but they’re unable to achieve their goals. In addition, these dogs are known to perform low acts of doggatory toward their mates.

A dog’s unfavourable disposition is sometimes referred to as its gaycuntness. In such a case, the pet is likely to do anything and everything to attract a mate. But in reality, he has accepted his position at the bottom of the food chain and is more likely to engage in low-class behavior towards his mate.